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Home Grown and Hungry

Paul Branson has boundless extroversion, a passion for new experiences, and a love of photography, all of which were not utilized in his day job as an engineer.  He realized with the dwindling number of outlets in Syracuse (RIP Syracuse New Times) that the area needed someone to tell the world of the fun Syracuse and central New York has to offer and in a way a traditional newspaper simply cannot, thus The Syracuse Seen was born! 


Established in 2023, The Syracuse Seen provides an outlet for his love of storytelling and to hone his photography chops, all in one place.  Here you'll find his coverage of how Syracuse satisfies his appetites, both literal (food & drink), and intellectual (concerts, festivals, and culture), as he sees it.  

Come for a dose of post-facto FOMO learning of things you missed without realizing it. 

Stay for the journey as Paul grows as both a photographer and a writer.  

If you’d like to learn more about The Syracuse Seen or to work with Paul don’t hesitate to get in touch using the contact form linked above!

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