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03.16.2024: Syracuse St Patties Day Parade

It was a glorious sunny day for the 2024 edition of the Syracuse St. Patrick's Day Parade. Salina street was packed as far as the eye could see, with revelers wearing their St. Patties day finest. Everyone, from babes in arms, to senior citizens, and their furry companions, all were decked out in their most festive and outrageous green fashions, from knit Irish Viking helms, to oversize shamrock glasses, to Kelly green 3 piece suits, and all points in between.

St Patrick himself kicked things off, cruising down the green lined parade route in the back of a baby blue vintage car. What followed was a 2+ hour spectacle representing a broad swath of the community.

Present were high school marching bands, dance troupes, and so many first responders it's amazing there wasn't a crime/arson spree with everyone being either in or guarding the parade.

A spectator standing near me summed it up best when he said "It doesn't have to make sense, it just has to be green." He said that earlier in the parade about some people's outfits, but it only proved more an more true as the parade went on, and leprechauns gave way to the hulk, and later still, Michael Meyers, the Predator, and creatures from local haunted house attractions.

If a criticism could be made of the parade it would be that it was simply too long. It was over two hours long. Some of the run time may be due to the marchers themselves, as the parade seemed to stall now and again for a few minutes. It's great that seemingly the whole community is represented, but from where this writer watched near the Landmark theater, the crowd had begun to thin in earnest long before the parade was actually over. That said, everyone in attendance was in high spirits and a good time seemed to be had by all, even if they moved on to other festivities before it was truly over.

Did you get seen? More Pictures from the parade below:

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