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03.23.2024: Spring Into Punk @ Stout Beard Brewing Company

feat: AMOK, Botulism Warning, Attamizk, No Complyance and Goon Squad.

The day started with a foot of fresh, heavy, wet snow. By lunch the roads were just starting to be cleared. But fear not, "Snow will be cleared by 5." promised the social media channels for Stout Beard Brewing Company, "we'll see your a$$ at 8 o'clock tonight for Spring Into Punk!" The night was 5 acts for the low price of FREE fiddy. It was a night that proved that punk is alive and well. Studded leather, and songs of class warfare and social justice were the rule. In a moment of "the more things change the more they stay the same" with "Right Wing Punks (the Scene Doesn't Need You)" took the place of "Nazi Punks Fuck Off".

Syracuse's own Attamizk opened the night with a solo acoustic set. His style reminded me of a fusion of Frank Turner and 2002's The Remedy by Jason Mraz: songs about topics of political and social importance delivered rapidly with tongue twisting rhyming. Attamizk pulled double duty and was also on bass to close the night with AMOK.

The second act up, No Complyance (from Rome, NY) got started with a literal bang, when their drummer fell off the drum riser, but that didn't stop them getting the crowd spinning with a circle pit. That said, the singers mic wasn't even working the for first full song or so but the crowd either didn't notice or didn't care.

Goon Squad from the southern tier (Elmira, NY) took the floor next, and had one of the most dynamic performances of the night. In particular the bassist ran and jumped around like a toddler on sugar. In a night rife with logos and patches, their drummer was rocking a tee with one I hadn't seen in decades: that of the Heavens Gate suicide cult (whose website is still live btw).

Batting clean up, Botulism Warning (Syracuse, NY) was by far the loudest of the night, amd were also the largest group; featuring three guitars, plus bass and drums and fronted with cookie monster growling. They were an undeniable force. In punk fashion the songs were short, and at times so short even the crowd seemed a bit surprised when one would end. They also featured the only female vocal performances of the night.

AMOK (also from Syracuse)closed the night. Unfortunately, even though it wasn't that late (the show was done before 11pm), the crowd had already begun to thin by the time AMOK began their set, and was probably 1/3 or so smaller than at its peak, however those that were left were just as enthusiastic as at the outset of the night.

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