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04.21.2023: Horn Dogs helping Helping Hounds @ Stout Beard

Yes I'm "late to press" with this but better late than never! Full disclosure, I am friends Stou Beard proprietor. the weird behind The Beard himself, Mike LeRoy and know many people who have gotten beloved pets from Helping Hounds, my own parents included.

It was a packed house at Stout Beard on April 21st for their benefit in support of Helping Hounds. Augmenting Stout Beard's beer and cocktail offerings was the Funk N Waffles food truck, Lock 1 Distilling serving tastings (including multiple whiskeys and flavors of Excuse Juice), and the aptly named Horn Dogs were also in attendance to get people dancing. Per the band, it was a happy coincidence they were available that night, as they'd originally been booked for another venue that subsequently realized they did not have enough space for the action packed outfit.
It was a packed house, and the little rain did not stop people from bringing their lawn chairs to frame the impromptu parking lot dancefloor. The later it got the better the Horn Dogs got. While I didn't notice any originals in their set, they were nonetheless impressive. The full band, including a horn section, ripped through cover after cover and covered (no pun intended) the spectrum. The dancefloor was full any time the band wasn't on break. I can't imagine a wedding reception with them not being a fantastic night. I'm not sure the final tally raised, but I can personally say: Stuff it Sarah McLachlan. Forget bells and kettles at Christmas. Move over girl scouts outside the grocery store. They ain't got nothing on getting puppy dog eyes from ACTUAL puppies to motivate donations!

Not sure if this good dog was from helping hounds, but...that face! How can you not want to boop that snoot?!

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