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10.06.2023: Hilltop @ Funk'n'Waffles w/s/g/ Underground Springhouse

There's a first time for everything, and for The Syracuse Seen, this is the first time seeing an act for a second time. Last time we checked in with Hilltop, they were opening for the Ominous Seapods in front of a packed house of eager jam fans. This time, they had top billing, the house was no where near as full and the set much tighter.

I was a bit late in arriving, but from what I heard, the openers, Underground Springhouse played a straightforward set, including a nice cover of Champagne Supernova. Hilltop took the stage at around 9:45. The differences between this set and the prior set were interesting. I recognized a number of songs, but they were much tighter and more mainstream in structure this time around. I would be the first to admit, I'm not the biggest jam fan, so I appreciated the tighter set. There was still plenty of talented soloing and improvisation, but the songs felt much more distinct from one another this time around. Whatever you're looking for, jam or more straightforward rock, you can't go wrong with a Hilltop show,

Underground Springhouse


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