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An Introduction.

It begins here, in more ways than one.

Since you've somehow found yourself here, reading these words: Welcome to my...thing! I hope you'll keep coming back as this grows and evolves. I don't know where this is going, but I know this is the start.

Growing up in Syracuse, I yearned to leave. My extended family was all out of town, and my childhood reflected that, with trips to bigger cities like Chicago and Cleveland, Boston and beyond. They fascinated me. There were trains! There were more museums! The museums were bigger! The restaurants offered flavors I'd never experienced and sometimes dessert was the whole meal! I knew when I got out on my own, I would live in a city. I told my friends in the run up to graduation from FM that my parents didn't have to worry I would move back in with them, for I would never move to CNY after college. I kept my word for 15 years.

Don't let the puppy dog eyes fool you, Cooper loves car rides.

In 2022 I was living in Florida. I was offered a job that was a significant step in my career, but only if I moved to Syracuse. Career aside, "can confirm:" Florida man is not only real, but a way of life for far too many people down there, and overall I was tired of living in the Florida swamp. The human body is just NOT supposed to sweat that much year round! Thus I packed up my dog, pointed my headlights north, and here I am, back where it all began.

Now in my off time, I get to be a tourist in my own hometown. I spend my free time seeking tasty food, novel drinks, exciting concerts, historic sights, and scenic hiking trails, and thanks to this site I will be reporting on what I find to you, dear reader! So welcome, and if you have a tip to share on something I should check out, drop me a line via the contact form!

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